Thesis Site

June 25, 2008

Greetings. This is going to be my space for thesis ideas until the a server is up and running again. I’ll try to post ideas everyday. What is my thesis domain? My first year in DT was spent studying storytelling, interactivity, and sequential art. I want to continue a project that builds on these domains.

My idea is to create an interactive quilt. The patches and embroidery on the quilt will be laid out in a comic style (sequential art). I envision the images telling a version of a story. User interaction with the quilt will either illuminate or build on the behind-the-scene details of the narrative.

I want the narrative to be inspired by a Washington Irving story, preferably one of his upstate tales like Rip Van Winkle or The White Lady of the Lake.

I want the technology that is embedded in the quilt to be seamlessly integrated with the fabric and for the entire piece to have the look of traditional folk art.

The call to action needs to be intuitive and require no instructions.