February 17, 2009

Over the winter break I researched alchemy and mysticism for potential inspiration. I also continued my research into pictorial and story quilts. 

Below are some images I found interesting. 


I quickly sewed some copper to the back of one of my thermochromic ink  samples. The copper has a low resistance. In the video I connected the copper to 9v and 5v. The 9v activated the ink too fast. I think 5v will end up working well. More testing is needed where the copper is fixed more permanently to the back of the inked area.

Shadow test

December 5, 2008

I’m working on perfecting this technique. This test was to determine if this type of method could work in my quilt.

After this round of testing, I realize that a hanging quilt will work best.

Thanks to Steve, Matt, and Kerry Willig, Amelia Wolfe and John.

Notes on story and display

December 2, 2008




Screen print tests

November 26, 2008

Screen print samples

Today I broke out my screen printing materials. I ran some sample prints using both a standard red screen ink and some red to transparent thermochromic ink. I really enjoyed making the prints and a few of them came out pretty well. I tested several different fabric types. For a couple prints I drew a diamond ring in the  the woman’s silouette with a black sharpie and then printed the thermochromic ink on top of it. The ink was not thick enough to cover up the black ink, but I plan on testing this technique again with plain red ink or thread.


November 4, 2008

I’ve been looking into different grants. Through my research on materials, it is becoming clear how expensive this project will be. I am looking for grant money from an organization that is concerned with folk preservation.

So far, the New York Folklore Society is looking most promising but I plan on focusing more on this in the weeks to come.