Above is a photo of the prototype I created at the end of the fall semester. My goal in creating this prototype, was to experiment with some of the techniques I have been talking about incorporating into my interactive story quilt. This included quilting methods as well as integration of technologies into the quilted square. 

I thought of this prototype as a rough sketch and was more concerned with completing it than the narrative and aesthetic components. 

Below is an image of the circuit that was embedded into this prototype. 






Use Scenario Diagrams

November 24, 2008


The quilt is displayed on a wall. Four embroidered icons are softly glowing as the viewer approaches.


The viewer touches one of the icons. The lights behind the other icons turn off. Within each square on the quilt, one segment is illuminated by either color-changing pigment or embedded LEDs.


Once all the segments have changed, they slowly return to their starting state. All LED triggers are off.


The quilt returns to the start state and the LEDs behind the triggers turn back on.

Experiment 2

October 13, 2008

A big part of my second formal thesis experiment, was to create a simulation of ways the quilt may reveal narrative elements. I projected this simulation on a white sheet and asked a few friends for feedback. Clicking on a black square in the border (with the exception of the top square) will reveal a detail of the narrative. In some instances this reveals information that will help the viewer to better understand the surface narrative. Other instances reveal alternate plots from different versions of the ballad.

The image below is a link that will open up the simulation in a new browser window. You will need Flash Player to view it.
Click here to redirect to a simulation of experiment2

Thanks to Kristin Scherrer and Marie Burrage.

Interactive quilt concept

September 27, 2008

Concept Exercise

September 15, 2008

American Folklore Revival is an interactive story-quilt that explores a traditional American folk story. The quilt pattern resembles a sequential art or comic format. The story depicted in the quilt’s images is derived from a traditional American murder ballad.  Symbols that are relevant to the story and that may impact a viewer’s perspective of the story, are hidden within the quilt. User interaction with the quilt will activate technologies embedded in the quilt, revealing these symbols. The purpose of the quilt is to spark new interest in quilts in America’s technology driven culture.

Syllabi of relavant classes

September 15, 2008

An MIT class titled Interactive Non-Linear Narrative: Theory and Practice

A UC Santa Cruz class, Interactive Narrative

Presentation 1

September 9, 2008

Presentation 1 (PDF)

I presented my thesis topic to Marko (thesis instructor) and Loretta (thesis writing instructor) tonight. This entry will be a summary of the feedback I received.


  • Be careful not to let my domains become a “tangled soup.” When talking about the project, separate between materials, interaction, etc.
  • Check for the September release of Esquire with the digital ink cover
  • Look at the work of Jackie Myint
  • Create a chart of the tangible components of quilts
  • Be careful when learning the materials…they will burn


  • Finding the narrative is the most urgent part — it will drive the project
  • Careful not to separate domains and methodology as I have


  • Check out the book Mystery Train to read about the history of Stagga Lee