Christ Church Sheffield Quilting group

March 14, 2009

Today I was invited to a gathering of Christ Church Sheffield’s quilting group. Every year they create a queen-sized quilt that will be raffled off in the church’s fundraising yard sale. This was a great opportunity to see how these community quilts are constructed and to pick up some quilting pointers.

The pattern for the completed quilt

Betsy Garcia is the manager of this year’s quilt and hosted today’s meeting at her house. Members of the group had already cut the squares that would be used to create the spools and background in the center of the quilt. Today’s mission was to begin piecing those spools together. When all is said and done, the group will need a total of 400 spools in order to complete the queen-sized quilt.

Betsy created a series of helpful guides that show how the pieces will be sewn together.

Fabrication instructions

Fabrication instructions

Instructions continued

Instructions continued

The four attending members of the meeting worked in an assembly line to create the squares. The first step was to mark the small squares with a single diagonal line between two of the points.


My mom would then pin these pieces to a rectangular piece of fabric.

Pinning the squares

Pinning the squares

These pinned pieces were then machine sewn together and pressed.

Sewing the pieces together

Sewing the pieces together

Finally, the completed squares were measured to ensure they were perfect squares.

Squaring off the completed pieces

Squaring off the completed pieces

I really appreciated the opportunity to view this process. In the end I was wrangled in to help with some of the pinning and to count all of the completed squares.


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