Sketch of the interface

March 6, 2009

Sketch of the interface

Sketch of the interface

This is the most recent draft of my interface sketch. The story begins in the upper left corner with the title of the story embroidered in the quilt. The viewer’s eye follows the path along the river to the end of the story. This layout is based on the Trade and Commerce Quilt by Hannah Stockton Stiles.

Trade and Commerce, Hannah Stockton Stiles c. 1830

After the quilt’s viewers arrive ad the final scene of  the narrative, they are given the prompt “What happened?” accompanied by a group of animal icons and a hand.

What happened?

This is meant to communicate to the viewer that they are supposed to touch the animal icons. At this point in the interaction model, the viewer should begin reexamining the narrative while pressing the animal icons where they appear in the key scenes of quilt. This will trigger the embedded LEDs and, in turn, reveal hidden narrative elements embedded in the center of the quilt.


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