Dr. Katherine Milton’s Advice

November 18, 2008

Dr. Katherine Milton is the Director of Ohio University’s Aesthetic Technologies Lab. Last week she gave me some great leads on precedents, connections, and potential areas to look to for funding. Dr. Milton also put me in touch with Jeff Lovett, an MFA student in Ohio University’s Sculpture and Expanded Media program. Coincidentilly, projects featured on Jeff’s blog are relavant to some of my class mates. Cool stuff. The links below lead to some of the precedents Dr. Milton recommended I check out.

The McDermott Sisters http://osbornedesigns.com/mcdermott/press.htm

Isa Gordon http://www.psymbiote.org

whisper[s] group at Simon Frasier University http://whisper.iat.sfu.ca/

Suzan Kozel’s CLOSER:  Performance, Technologies, Phenomenologyr http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=11337

One artist she recommended I look into is Richard Campbell, a knitter of non-traditional materials (video tape/insulated wire). He travels back and forth from Brooklyn, NY to Louisville, KY. I haven’t  been able to find anything about him online, if anyone has any information about him please let me know.


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