Display options

November 17, 2008

I’ve been considering different display options for my final artifact. One option is to use a quilt rack. My dad builds quilt racks as gifts so I’m very familiar with their structure. I like the idea of using a quilt rack, because the quilt drapes over the side of the rack. A concern or area to be exploited, is that quilts are folded when placed on a quilt rack. This would mean that not all of the quilt would be visible at one time. I could use this affordance to allude to the differences in versions of the story. Folding the quilt in different ways will allow different versions to be displayed.

Quilt frames are something that Drew Cogbill mentioned I look into. I like how they tightly hold quilts but I wonder if the stiffness will lessen the impact of the quilt as a flexible interface.

A final thought on the display, is to use a rocking chair. Lap quilts are traditionally used for people who sit in rocking chairs. Rocking chairs have a strong folk craft aesthetic. I may be able to encourage viewers to interact with my piece in this way. Perhaps, the call to action is to sit in the chair with the quilt on your lap. Rocking in the chair or holding the quilt in a particular way could trigger the quilt’s response.

2 Responses to “Display options”

  1. Steve Willig Says:

    Have you considered that sometimes quilts are displayed as wall hangings, thus displaying an entire side of the item?

  2. lynn Says:

    yo. i like the idea of inviting the user to sit in the rocking chair in order to use the quilt. It paints a very nice image. However, do you think it will be too hard to manipulate the quilt if sitting with it on you? I wonder if there is a good way to combine sitting around the quilt frame…maybe 2,3, or 4 chairs? How many users do you envision interacting with the quilt at one time?

    hmmm….lots to think about.

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