Experiment 2

October 13, 2008

A big part of my second formal thesis experiment, was to create a simulation of ways the quilt may reveal narrative elements. I projected this simulation on a white sheet and asked a few friends for feedback. Clicking on a black square in the border (with the exception of the top square) will reveal a detail of the narrative. In some instances this reveals information that will help the viewer to better understand the surface narrative. Other instances reveal alternate plots from different versions of the ballad.

The image below is a link that will open up the simulation in a new browser window. You will need Flash Player to view it.
Click here to redirect to a simulation of experiment2

Thanks to Kristin Scherrer and Marie Burrage.


One Response to “Experiment 2”

  1. drewcogbill Says:

    really cool dan. the heart break is especially beautiful and moving.

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