Nitinol precedents

September 27, 2008

I ordered a basic starter kit and book from Reaching Insight

The SMST Society Newsletter

Talking Electronics

Dynalloy, Inc may be a source for the wire

The videos below are from XS Labs, Joanna Berzowska’s design research group.


One Response to “Nitinol precedents”

  1. danwillig Says:

    I heard from Joanna Berzowska (one of the collaborators on the Skorpions project) today. She warned me about the tedious process of making the nitinol work with fibers. I am a bit concerned with the high level of current that it takes to trigger the motion but I’m pressing on. The muscle wire kit I ordered will hopefully be arriving before next weekend so I can start messing around with it. Can’t wait! Thanks to Joanna Berzowska for her help.

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